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What We Do


Special Artists Agency works with all the major advertising agencies as well as up-coming and boutique creative and communications firms. When ad agencies look to break-through the media clutter and resonate with a particular consumer segment, they often turn to SAA for Hollywood icons, personalities, faces and/or voices that will truly lend their brands and products credibility, familiarity and complete trust.

SAA has an extensive network of relationships with producers and casting directors in the commercial business. SAA believes in managing all client projects in their entirety with the highest level of service, including attending and managing commercial shoots.

SAA also forges direct relationship with the advertising and marketing executives as well as brand managers at major corporate advertisers. SAA stays abreast of all new product launches, promotions and brand direction so that it can actively pitch its talent for suitable new opportunities. In particular, licensing and merchandising deals are brokered directly with the senior executives at major brand corporations or consumer product manufacturing companies.