Special Artists Agency represents over 125 scale actors and models offering a diverse talent pool—from college frat boy to hip soccer mom to corporate businessman—to casting directors, commercial directors and producers. As an ATA and SAG member, SAA provides seasoned talent for on-camera, print and voice-over commercial work. SAA is a reliable partner to its commercial and corporate clients, taking the time to listen to their needs and find the right talent for the job. Whether it’s a corporate video for a major automaker or a national television campaign for a department store chain, SAA prides itself on getting the job done.

On-Camera: SAA promotes and places its scale talent in corporate videos, industrials and PSAs for regional, national and international television and print advertising campaigns. SAA’s scale talent have appeared in advertising campaigns for beauty and personal care products to beverages, autos and retail chains.

Voice-over: SAA’s voice-over scale talent is sought for local, regional and national radio and television commercials and promotions as well as for direct-to-video, kids, primetime and theatrical animation, movie trailers, industrials, documentaries, CD-ROMs and videogames.

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